Endura Track Plus (Sensor Safe)


Endura Track Plus (Sensor Safe) (ES72)

Sensor Safe, aesthetically pleasing, all-weather HD entrance matting with carpet strips that is made to withstand the heaviest of pedestrian traffic.

  • 1/2" Heavy-duty vertical cross-ribs raise traffic above the floor
  • *** Sensor Safe - Will not interfere with underground security sensors ***
  • Vertical and Horizontal ribs scrape of dirt, water, sand, gravel, slush and snow.
  • Horizontal Carpet Strips Absorb water and dust.
  • Easy to clean - Just hose off
  • May be recessed or surface mounted with beveled edging 
  • Available in widths up to 10' and 14' in length. For larger areas it is necessary to combine matting
  • Available in Black with Charcoal, Brown and Green Carpet Inserts