Aqua Tiles


Aqua Tiles (SP75)

Aqua Tile has a unique, interlocking rigid structure that effectively drains liquids away from its surface in any environment.

  • Excellent slip resistance from wet floors, open grids for best drainage
  • Safety bevel edge system helps reduce tripping
  • Indoor & outdoor use - not affected by heat, cold, or sun
  • UV stabilized and fungus resistant
  • May be cut for custom fit
  • Made of 100% recycled PVC
  • Overall thickness – 3/4”
  • Heavy Duty tile suitable for forklift traffic.
  • Sizes – 12”x12” Tile, 2-1/2”x12” Edge Ramp, 2-1/2”x2” Corner Ramp
  • Colors: Standard Tile: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow
  • Heavy Duty Tile: black only