WaterHog Car Mat - Classic Pattern


WaterHog Car Mat - Classic Pattern (VM02)

WaterHog Car Mats offer 6 styles with trim-to-fit sizes to give you car floor mats that best match the fit of your specific car, truck, SUV or van.
WaterHog Classic Pattern offers a more traditional appearance and features a multi-tread set for ideal performance. It's multi-directional diamond pattern throughout the body of the mat enhances scraping abilities while horizontal ridges are placed where the mat is commonly contoured upward as the mat sits beneath the pedals.

  • Polypropylene surface is fast drying and stain resistant
  • 100% rubber backing with cleats to keep mats from moving
  • Mats contain dirt and water to help keep your vehicle clean.
  • For cars, crossovers, mid-sized trucks and small SUVs, use standard front mats
  • For full-sized trucks, large SUVs and mini-vans, use large front mats
  • Standard front mat: start size: 17.75" x 27.75"; smallest trim size: 15" x 27.75"
  • Large front mat: start size: 20" x 29"; smallest trim size: 16.25" x 29"
  • Rear mat (part of full set): start size 17.5" x 17"; smallest trim size: 14.75" x 14.25"
  • Standard cargo mat: 27" x 31"; Large cargo mat: 35" x 36"
  • Installation Instructions for WaterHog Car Mats
  • Washing Instructions for WaterHog Car Mats