AA70 Universal Snap Kit Directions

1)     Drill or puncture a hole (approx. 1/8”) in mat. It is best to put hole at least 2 – 3 inches from the edge. Place hole in section of mat that will allow for the shortest distance to your grounding source. If you will need more than one grounding cord on your mat, please space them out evenly. Approx. one grounding cord for every 25 – 30 square feet.

2)     Put screw through hole in center of snap, assuring snap is facing in the right direction. (Note diagram below) (*Use long screw and male snap with AA20 Common Point Ground) or (*Use short screw and female snap with AA25 Grounding Cord). If you have the AS15 Heavy Duty Anti-Static Mat or the AS40 Econo Stat you may want to use the long screw for easier assembly.

3)     Place threaded base through hole in center of washer.

4)     Push screw and snap (together) through hole in the top of the mat.

5)     Push threaded base and washer (together) through hole in bottom of mat.

6)     Use small size Phillips screwdriver to tighten screw in to threaded base. Tighten firmly but do not over tighten. It will be easier to hold the threaded base with your free hand until screw is at least partially threaded.

7)     Attach grounding cord to snap by firmly pressing down over snap.

8)     Attach free end (solder less terminal) of grounding cord to grounding source. The center screw on any properly grounded outlet cover plate will work fine.